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The Law on handling administrative violations of Vietnam(Luật xử trí phạm luật hành chủ yếu, bản giờ Anh)
Pursuant to lớn the 1992 Constitution of the Sociacác mục Republic of Vietnam which was amended và supplemented under the Resolution No.51/2001/QH10;
1. Administrativeviolation (phạm luật hành chính)is a faulty act which is committed by an individual ororganization in violation of the state management law but does not constitute acrime &, therefore, must be administratively sanctioned in accordance withlaw.

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2. Sanctioningof an administrative violation (xử phạt vi phạm luật hành chính)means that a person with sanctioningcompetence imposes a sanction(s) on and applies a remedial measure(s) lớn anadministrative sầu violator in accordance with the law on sanctioning ofadministrative violations.
3. Administrativehandling measure is a measure applicable to an individual who commit aviolation of the law on security, order và social safety which does notconstitute a crime. These measures include education in commune, ward ortownship; consignment to reformatory; consignment khổng lồ compulsory educationinstitution, và consignment to lớn compulsory detoxification establishment.
4. Measurein substitution for administrative sầu violation handling is an educationalmeasure to be applied in substitution for an administrative sanction oradministrative handling measure against juvenile administrative violators.These measures include admonition & management at home page.
5. Recidivismmeans that an individual or organization that has been handled for anadministrative violation & after completely executing the sanctioningdecision or decision on application of an administrative sầu handling measure orafter the statute of limitations for execution of such decision expires,re-commit the same violation, while the duration upon the expiration of whichhe/she/it will be regarded as having never been administratively handled has notexpired.
6. Repeatedadministrative sầu violation means a case in which an individual ororganization repeats an administrative sầu violation which he/she/it has previouslycommitted without having been handled while the statute of limitations forhandling such violation has not expired.
7. Organizedadministrative sầu violation means that an individual or organization colludeswith another individual or organization to lớn jointly commit an administrativeviolation.
8. Licenseor practice certificate is a paper granted by a competent state agency orperson khổng lồ an individual or organization in accordance with law so that thelatter can bởi vì business, operate, practice a profession or use a tool or means.Licenses and practice certificates bởi vì not include business registration certificatesand certificates linked with the personal backgrounds of holders not for thepurpose of practice licensing.
9. Place ofresidence is a trang chính, facility or another house used by a citizen forhis/her residence. Places of residence may be owned by citizens, or leased orlent by agencies, organizations or individuals to lớn citizens or allowed lớn beused by citizens for residence.

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10. Organizationis a state agency, political organization, socio-political organization,socio-politico-professional organization, social organization,socio-professional organization, economic organization, people’s armed forcesunit or another organization which is established in accordance with law.
11. Emergencyis a circumstance in which an individual or organization that, for thepurpose of warding off a practical threat khổng lồ the interests of the State oranother organization, his/her/its own or another party’s legitimate interests,has no choice but to cause a damage smaller than the damage lớn be prevented.
12. Legitimatedefense is an act of an individual who, for the purpose of protecting theinterests of the State or an organization, his/her own or another person’srights & legitimate interests, fights in a necessary manner against a personwho is committing an act of infringing upon such rights và interests.
13. Unexpectedevent is an event in which an individual or organization cannot foresee oris not obliged khổng lồ foresee consequences of his/her/its act which is dangerous tothe society.
14. Forcemajeure sự kiện is an event which occurs objectively & isunforeseeable & irresistible despite the exercise of all necessary measuresand capabilities.
15. Personhaving no administrative liability capacity is a person who commits anadministrative violation while suffering mental illness or another diseasewhich deprives him/her of the ability to perceive or control his/her acts.
16. Drugaddict is a habitual user of a narcotic, habit-forming or psychotropic drugwho is dependent on such drug.

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Luật giải pháp xử lý, xử pphân tử vi phạm luật hành bao gồm giờ Anh; những định nghĩa vi phạm luật, xử pphân tử, giải pháp xử lý vi phạm hành chính, biên bạn dạng VPHC bởi tiếng Anh.
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